About Us
About Us

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Berlin-Brandenburg (Vereinigung Indonesischer Studenten in Berlin-Brandenburg), often abbreviated as PPI Berlin-Brandenburg, is a non-partisan political organization with the dual aim of empowering the Indonesian student community in the Berlin-Brandenburg area and introducing Indonesian culture to the Berlin-Brandenburg area.

Central to our ethos is the conviction that each individual possesses a distinctive voice worth amplifying. Thus, we aim to foster an environment where every member can realize their full potential.

Our rallying cry, "becoming together," embodies our conviction that a prosperous future is only attainable through active collaboration. We achieve this by facilitating interaction and collaboration among Indonesian students and peers from various nationalities, aiming to construct bridges that transcend nationalistic barriers.

Our Vision
to become an inclusive organization that actively listens and collaborates through tangible programs, with the aim of advancing the common good and fostering a prosperous society

Our Mission
We hope to inspire members to unleash their creativity and recognize the significance of exploring their potential to contribute to the establishment of a just society.
We aim to cultivate leaders who build bridges and serve as catalysts in the development of the common good.
We strive to create an organization characterized by happiness, friendliness, and a spirit of fun.
We are dedicated to working closely with external organizations to amplify our impact and achieve our shared objectives.